This place in space is dedicated and devoted to Adriana Carmen Papara, a most wonderful woman and magnificent soul.

These were the words she chose to display in a Profile:

"Beautiful are the things we can see,
More beautiful the ones we can understand,
But the most beautiful are those we cannot embrace
with our mind."

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Title photograph, "Full Moon and Peach Blossoms", taken by Adriana at her home in Medias, Romania.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Adriana told me about two important dreams.

The first was from the time before she met me.  She dreamed that a spaceship came, and she was told she had the choice of leaving on the spaceship and exploring the universe, in which case she could never come back home, or she could decline the invitation.  After much deliberation she decided not to go.  It was a very difficult decision because there was nothing she loved more than outer space and space travel.  She often thought about that dream, and my impression was that she sometimes wondered if she had made the right choice.

The second vivid and memorable dream came about a week before she suddenly collapsed into a coma.  She dreamed that she was in an "alternative reality", and that it was not a space travel dream. I'm fairly sure that she told me "there were people there", and that she had a choice whether to stay there or not.  This dream seemed uncanny to me when she soon passed into a new reality.

This reminds me for some reason of this beautiful thing she sent to me.  Please click the picture so you can read the poem which she translated.

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