This place in space is dedicated and devoted to Adriana Carmen Papara, a most wonderful woman and magnificent soul.

These were the words she chose to display in a Profile:

"Beautiful are the things we can see,
More beautiful the ones we can understand,
But the most beautiful are those we cannot embrace
with our mind."

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Title photograph, "Full Moon and Peach Blossoms", taken by Adriana at her home in Medias, Romania.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Adriana was proud of the medieval city in which she lived.  Medias is in Transylvania, in the middle of Romania.  Its most famous structure is probably the Trumpeters' Tower, dating from the mid-Fifteenth Century.  I'll begin with Adriana's photographs of it.  Yes, it leans.  It leans more than any other tower in Europe except the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Center of the city.

The town hall.

Aurel Vlaicu Street

"Another Never Ending Street"

Church Towers by Day

By Night

"Wires, wires, wires. . ."

"June Sky"

"June Sky 2"

Adriana's route from home (lower) to her office (upper right)

Along the way . . . mist over the railroad and pine forest

"Railroad and Crows (Gypsies)"

"A Solitary Oak"

"Hills Around the City"

"Back Home"

A View from Adriana's House

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